• Qualified, Experienced and Dedicated faculties
  • We are disciplined and serious about our work. If any student doesn’t take his/her studies seriously or disturbs other students in their studies, then we take disciplinary action against that student
  • We take only 30 students for IIT-JEE and 30 students for NEET to have personal attention on every student
  • We focus on conceptual study and understanding the concepts than mugging
  • Timing of our institute is arranged in such a way that it would help in improving students’ performance
  • Separate lectures of state Board
  • Test Series
  • Completion of Syllabus well in time
  • Revision on Entire syllabus in last months
  • Self-Study Sessions
  • We don’t leave students after their syllabus is complete. We keep track of their studies, revision, tests, growth etc till the exam is done.
  • We arrange weekly doubt sessions to discuss our DPPs, ASSINGMENTS, EXAMs and to clear any doubts that students have
  • We keep competitive environment in the class to boost students to push their limits
  • We keep motivating our students to keep them on track and don’t let them get depressed because of the pressure they go through
  • We arrange discussions with our Ex-students who are in National Colleges so that the current students would get inspired by them.  


  • Van facility is provided to the students who need it, in which 50% of the van fees is paid by the institute
  • Bi-monthly analysis of result is sent to parents to let them know about their child’s growth
  • We provide enough books through our library that students don’t need to buy any books
  • We provide hostel facility to students who need it and we also provide the pickup and drop facility from the hostel to the institute


We give 12 Home Assignments of each subject to increase the solving skills of subjective type questions of students and to make them study at home

DPPs (Daily Practice Problems)

We take DPPs on current topics every week to keep a check on student’s regular studies


  • We take 12 exams comprising 1/12th of the syllabus of IIT-JEE/NEET/B.Arch to check detailed topic wise knowledge of the students
  • We take 06 exams comprising 1/6th of the syllabus to revise the topics taken in previous exams
  • We take 06 exams comprising 1/3rd of the syllabus to increase the capability of the student to go for the exam containing larger portion
  • We take 06 exam comprising 50% syllabus to have rapid revisions
  • We take 06 exams comprising 70% syllabus to have rapid revisions with more portion at a time
  • We take 20 tests on entire syllabus at the end

All of our exams are based on the pattern and difficulty level of IIT-JEE/NEET/B Arch

Detailed solution key is provided to students after each exam to help them analyse their mistakes and correct them


We arrange weekly doubt sessions to discuss ASSIGNMENTS, DPP’s and Exam’s and also to clear any other doubts of students


We complete our syllabus well in time to make sure that the revision is done before the final exam


We arrange separate lectures of State Board and have a test series of Board Exam to make sure that the students do well in Board exam as well